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28 days, New York primary and business as usual

Today I am 28 days sober. So technically if I went to treatment I would be just getting out today. I feel good, clear headed and on track. Work has been going well, a bit of an adjustment but it seems to be going fine. I have been picking up massive overtime which will keep me busy and help pay off bills as well as save some cash. So basically in May I only have four days off the whole month. Tomorrow I am going to start the gym and incorporate it in my everyday life. I want to get back to my weight of 160 lbs, I am at 235 right now. Its amazing that in two years I have gained 75 lbs. So I figure I'll weigh myself on the 20th of every month and track my progress. Today is the big New York primary election. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are sure to take our state. Im not a big Hilary fan but I do like Trump. So we'll see what happens with that. Tonight I am excited to watch the beverly hills real housewife reunion, love the drama. Then its off to sleep bc I will 4am the gym. Wish me luck.
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